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I’m a Republican. I’ve always been a Republican. Why should I vote for you?

I can respect that, but I don't think two labels (Democrat and Republican) can adequately fit the ideology of each individual. I was a Republican for 26 years until it became clear to me neither party was more fiscally responsible than the other.  I am fiscally conservative. Working in finance roles and as a Certified Public Account in industry trained me to pay attention to the numbers.  
The Kansas Legislature has been controlled in both houses by Republicans for over 32 years, often with a trifecta which has included the Governor, yet there are clearly gaps where Kansas could offer greater opportunities for all.

I decided to run for office because I believe we’ve missed out on so many opportunities for too long – especially in South Central Kansas.  When elected, I pledge to work on: expanding Kansas' business environment; refining our healthcare systems; improving our schools; and supporting Kansas farmers and the Ag industry – all while working to ensure costs are controlled and taxes are fair for everyone.  Heck – I already pledge to do that now, but I can be more effective at working for all of us once I’m in office.

We may not agree with every issue, but I hope you will follow me on Facebook at ‘Join Jeff For a Better Kansas,’ on Twitter at @JeffStroberg, and on the web at where you can join our mailing list & check on upcoming events . I value your perspective on Kansas’ issues and want to hear from you how we can work together to make Kansas better for us all.

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