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Why would anyone make jokes about hard-working Kansas farmers?

Sonny Purdue made a joke saying, “What do you call a basement full of farmers?”  There was nothing funny about the punch line*.  I’ve traveled all-over South-Central Kansas talking with farmers.  They are struggling with markets so restricted it’s nearly impossible to sell their products.  This year was already difficult year with floods covering the entire Midwest.  Farmers call 40 hours, the time they work, “Monday – Wednesday.”

Farmers need help.  They need help so that they can go to market and realize value of their labor, capital inputs and other business risks instead of seeing crops lay on the ground as foreign markets are restricted.  Suicide rates are up for farmers and bankruptcies are on the rise.  If the weather doesn’t cooperate this fall, yields could be extremely affected.  Do you see anything funny about that?   

So, what is the answer to Sonny’s question?  It is that Kansas Farmers everywhere are the backbone of local communities and the core of our proud Kansas culture.  Farmers provide the food we put on our tables here in Kansas and to the world.  

I support Kansas farmers.  Let’s work together so that I can work for farmers and our families in the State House of Representatives and protect our farmers’ interests.  This is a concern for all Kansans.          


*Sonny Purdue is the Secretary of Agriculture. The punchline was, “A whine cellar.”

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