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Answers to questions Jeff is most frequently asked.

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I’m a Republican. I’ve always been a Republican. Why should I vote for you?

I can respect that, but I don't think two labels (Democrat and Republican) can adequately fit the ideology of each individual. I was a Republican for 26 years until it became clear to me neither party was more fiscally responsible than the other.  I am fiscally conservative. Working in finance roles and as a Certified Public Account in industry trained me to pay attention to the numbers... (see more)  

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Why would anyone make jokes about hard-working Kansas farmers?

Sonny Purdue made a joke saying, “What do you call a basement full of farmers?”  There was nothing funny about the punch line.  I’ve traveled all-over South-Central Kansas talking with farmers.  They are struggling with markets so restricted it’s nearly impossible to sell their products.  This year was already difficult year with floods covering the entire Midwest.  Farmers call 40 hours, the time they work, “Monday – Wednesday.” (see more)

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What about healthcare? Are you in favor of expanding KanCare?

Since entering the race to win as our Representative in Kansas House District 114, I have continued to talk to as many people possible. Access to affordable medical care is a prime issue for many of us. People working in law enforcement and education both say lack of available mental health care, for example, is exacerbating issues such as domestic violence and illegal drug use. Business leaders are expressing concerns over how hard it is to hire and keep good employees. (see more)


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