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About Jeff Stroberg

Democratic Candidate, Kansas House District 114 Representative

 I was born and raised in Reno County, just outside of Hutchinson, Kansas.  After graduating from Kansas State University, I pursued various career opportunities in accounting and finance.

I worked at a small public accounting firm for two years before transitioning into the role of controller for a food manufacturing company. This privately held food company was acquired by a fortune 500 company three years later and I worked my entire career with this firm.

A successful career allowed me to retire early. My wife and I traveled extensively during this time. When our travels came to an end, we made a decision to move to the only place I have ever thought of as home – back to Reno County near Hutchinson. This is where I have family, friends, and some of my best memories.

Coming back home, it seemed the community had not progressed nor grown much from when I left to begin my career 40 years ago.  It was clear we had missed opportunities of which other communities in Kansas had taken advantage.

It is for this reason I am coming out of retirement to run for the District 114 Kansas State House of Representatives seat. 

When elected, I intend to leverage my background and work ethic for all the people who live and work in community I love - our community!  I will work to: improve the health of our business community; make healthcare affordable, accessible and available for all; do everything I can to support our education systems so our children can compete on the world stage; and, support our farmers and Ag businesses which are the backbone of our district. 

With your support, I will do this by focusing on controlling costs and ensuring taxes are fair for everyone.

Let's win the House District 114 seat and together, make a better Kansas!

Jeff Stroberg, CPA (retired)

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